Materials used and the manufacturing process.

Curly Jo Design pieces are designed and handcrafted by me, Jo Kealley, in my Brisbane-based Studio.

I use a combination of Artisan Glass in sheet, granulated and powdered form, Dichroic glass, Millefiori Glass, Enamel and Silver or Gold overlay in my work.

The technique I use is classed as ‘Warm Glass’ or ‘Studio Glass’. The two areas I specialise in are Glass Fusing and Glass Casting. While most of my work is classed as Jewellery, I like to think of them as ‘Unique Wearable Works of Art’. I also design and create Limited Edition ranges of Homewares a few times each year.

Glass Fusing is a process whereby I cut and layer glass fusing it initially in my kiln to ‘join’ the pieces. All pieces are fired at least twice and correctly annealed, for maximum strength & durability. Between the first and second firings I Coldwork the glass, to shape and refine the pieces. Post Coldworking, all pieces are Fire-polished which is a cooler, slower process to restore the gloss and shine to the glass that is altered during the coldworking. Some pieces are fired up to 5 times to build up colours and layers, this time consuming process is what guarantees you a unique Artisan Glass creation.

Glass casting is a smaller area of my work, but one I truly love. Pieces are crafted from powdered and granulated glass that is placed in a ceramic mould. As with the fusing various firings are done to shape, polish and create the individual items.

Fusing temperatures range up to 800°c for a full fusing and Casting takes place at an even higher temperature for a longer and much more gradual rate.

The findings on my Jewellery are a high quality, tarnish resistant, Sterling Silver or 18K Gold, plated finish. I have been using these fittings for over 8 years and import them directly from the United States. Some findings are Antique Silver, Copper or Bronze depending on the design, these are also sourced from the United States

Stud Earrings are set on Sterling Silver posts and backs.
Drop Earrings are set on either Sterling Silver or 18K Gold Plated French hook.

All jewellery findings are carefully & securely attached with a specialty glass & metal two-part adhesive with activator. Once adhered, they are baked in a curing oven to properly set the bond.

The Artisan Glass can be cleaned with warm water & mild detergent if required, & findings may be buffed gently with a polishing cloth.

I do recommend removing jewellery prior to swimming or bathing, and suggest avoiding the use of perfume aerosols near the fittings as in time these practices can dull the finishes.

Please remember, as with all jewellery, to handle with care.

Homewares items can be hand-washed in warm water with a mild detergent. Please do not place in the dishwasher. It is recommended to avoid heating any of the Artisan Glass plates and dishes.

If you require any further information, or have and questions about my designs and processes you can email me via the Contact tab.